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2014-12-23 11:18:15 by PianoGamer

A small update, I am now taking a Master's degree in artificial intelligence, and working on an educational equation solving game for Android. I plan to make another game with my physics engine but it may be a while.

About me

2013-03-17 10:01:08 by PianoGamer

I study computer science at NTNU, Norway. I started learning some actionscript in high school to make a video game. I worked a long time just writing a physics engine. I didn't know much programming back then, I started studying physics at first at university, so I really wanted to put it to some use. Now the engine is pretty complete for the use intended in my game, Which I hope to finish in not too long. It's a platform/puzzle game where you roll a ball.

The game got sort of finished, with music by Step and some graphics by Akle, and it won "Game of the Year" in Norwegian game awards. It was supposed to be released at newgrounds, but the judge said it could be released in his newpaper's digital game sale platform, if the graphics were polished some more. So instead I'm looking for some more level designers and graphics artists to develop the game further.